Today we made a change to the way in which we bill our EU customers. From now on we don't charge VAT to any EU based customer (outside of the UK), regardless of if they supply us with a VAT number.

VAT will only be applied to UK based customers.

This is to align with recent changes to Timetastic, both in the app and on the Terms and Conditions. The changes mean we no longer have to fall back to the consumer rules for supplying services to EU countries.

The changes that have given rise to this are:

  1. We have now included in the Terms and Conditions that Timetastic is a business only service - which it very much is, that includes charities and public bodies obviously.

  2. We have moved the field to set your country and VAT number to the billing page, as part of the payment process.

  3. Prior to implementation we undertook a review of our customer base to look at the likelihood of consumer based use - and found no real evidence. So these changes align VAT treatment with that evidence.

Hope that all makes sense, if you have any questions then please contact support.