Two Big Improvements for the Work Schedule on Timetastic Today

1) More Flexible Work Schedule

The work schedule is now split into 2 shifts; Morning and Afternoon. The gap between being the lunch break, obvious I guess. Seems basic but it's a vast improvement from the previous which had a fixed lunch time of 12pm.

It means you can now specify a more accurate weekly working schedule, and time off will be shown on the wall chart in the correct AM / PM slots.

2) 1/4 Hour Increments

You'll also notice on the work schedule the introduction of quarter past and quarter to the hour. So again, more accuracy in the work schedule.

You can now also book time off in those 1/4 hour increments, to align with your working hours.

Hopefully both improvements will mean your information on Timetastic will now be more closely aligned to your employment contracts.