Despite it being a fairly bleak February the team have been heads down building you an important new feature, one that we know will be well loved, and trigger a hefty increase in our monthly email bill!


Email Absence Summaries:

Not everyone will remember to login and check Timetastic each morning, nor is that practical for many users. So now you can stay up to date with who's going to be off today or in the coming week by receiving a simple email each morning, or one for the week ahead (the choice is yours).

You can switch these on/off and set your preferred delivery time in "My Preferences" - click your profile image at the top right in Timetastic.

This is your weekly summary:

It shows absences for the week ahead and applies to your department only i.e. the department that you are a member of.  If there are no absences all week, you'll still get an email just so you know everyone's in.

And your daily summary:

As above, the information relates to the department you are in, but obviously only contains absences for today.  If there are no absences today, we'll save your inbox and not send an email.


For clarity, if you are the department boss for two or more departments, or an admin user, you will only get the one email for the department you are in.

And if you have both Weekly and Daily Summaries switched on, to avoid duplication we won't send you a daily summary on the same day you receive the weekly one.

As always we hope you find them a useful addition to help you manage absence better, and if you have any questions then just reach out to our support team.