The level of privacy in Timetastic is one area that divides opinion amongst our customers. We regularly receive requests to have tighter privacy: hiding calendars crops up, as does hiding departments and certain types of absence. But on the same day we'll get as many checking that everyone can see everything - they want exactly the opposite, full open book.

It seems everyone has their own policy and attitude towards privacy in the absence area.

Privacy mode

To help bridge the gap we provide Privacy Mode in Timetastic, this is the ability to hide leave type information from other users.

Without privacy mode you can see a colourful calendar, with the different reasons for absence highlighted:

This is what you see without Privacy Mode.

And if you click on any absence you get the details, including the type of absence, in this case "Annual Leave"

Privacy Mode switched off.

Now if you switch Privacy Mode to 'on' (in SETTINGS > GENERAL), then the information becomes restricted as follows:

The type of absence is hidden/ greyed out.
The type of leave is replaced with 'Absent'

The idea is that your team can still plan from this, they can see when others are off, but crucially not WHY they are off. This is the same as when someone is not at work, the fact someone is not at work is never hidden, because, well, it's neigh on impossible to hide the fact someone is not there, but you might not know WHY they are off work.

Privacy Mode will also hide the Leave Type information in calendar feeds and on any Slack posts - so that it's not inadvertently shared into public channels.

Why not hide Calendars from each other?

Here's the thing, we built Timetastic on the premise that we can work closer, plan better, manage absence and holidays in a way which is both fair to your team and successful around your company's workload.

Not knowing that your colleague is going to be off doesn't help that, yet you'll know very well they are off when they don't show up, but that's not helpful.

Knowing someone that you work with in another department is going to be off next week does help with your planning, sure you don't need to know why they are off, but if you're managing client expectations then knowing who's going to be around helps.

Privacy Mode can be toggled on/ off in SETTINGS > GENERAL.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash