Our thoughts on taking Time off Work, the wider HR industry, management and running a tech startup.

Team building games to try out

Let's take a look at some of the best team building exercises for work, many of which can be organised with social distancing in mind - so there's no need for the pandemic to dampen your team spirit.

Creating a performance review process

Creating a performance review process that works is essential to get a good overview of where your employees are in their working life, what they're doing well, and what's perhaps not going so brilliantly.

The Small Business Guide to Change Management

What can you do to ensure your business' growth and survival as you face the challenges of an ever-changing market?

How to apply the 'marginal gains' approach to life and business

When it comes to applying marginal gains, remember that small improvements = big results.

Digital transformation is about people, not technology

If your office is undergoing something of a tech revolution, it's important to look after your company's most important asset during the transition: your people

Avoiding 'boreout' - how to make boredom work in your favour

Too much rest can turn into boredom. And too much of that can cause boreout. So how do you know when you’re resting appropriately and not putting yourself at risk of boreout?

Our top ten company culture blogs

Our favourite company culture blogs - from the corporate to the funky startup, these are the best blogs to help you keep up with the latest thoughts on business culture.

Paid volunteering leave - why it’s a great idea for your business

If you’re looking to attract an engaged and enthusiastic workforce, implementing a volunteer scheme is a no-brainer, as the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial setup.

Going paperless: your path to a more creative organisation

By shunning paper documentation and turning to digital systems instead, you can make big gains in workplace efficiency. Think about it - if you've got piles of paperwork in your office, you're going to spend a decent portion of your time looking for the information you need.