Important news today, we’re about to start charging for Timetastic.

I know this won’t be the most welcome of posts but at some stage Timetastic needs to start paying its way. We’ve got to the point that we are happy Timetastic is providing a valuable service and is technically strong enough to justify charging.

The charging structure is as we’ve always promised – your first three users are free, each additional user is just 50p per month.

The first payment run will be made on 30th November 2013, exactly one month’s time.

From that point you’ll be charged on the last day of each month for the number of users you have at the time of the bill run.

For example, if you have 9 users, you’ll be charged for 6 users at 50p – £3.00 per month.

To continue using Timetastic you need to add some card details now, you’ll have continual service of Timetastic and we’ll send you an invoice every month.

Add your card details now