What's New at Timetastic - 10th June to 20th August

As usual the releases keep coming and Timetastic keeps on moving forward...

27th June

Lots of changes to the billing system to make it more friendly for customers. We introduced a grace period if your card fails, so now you have up to 7 days to input a new one, in the meantime we also retry the payment and send email notifications.

We also updated the T&Cs to align with the fact Timetastic is a business as apposed to a consumer facing service and with that aligned our EU VAT compliance.

Heres the full blog on that one: EU VAT Accounting

5th July

We added an 'about us' page to the website :) https://timetastic.co.uk/about/

6th August

In response to customer feedback:

We increased the size of the Wall Chart dropdown - so you can see more of the options available to you.

Added more colour choices into the Leave Type selectors.

Aligned the Pro Rata calculation on adding new staff so it aligns more closely with the Gov.uk calculator.

13th August

The mobile apps received some much needed love. We fixed some issues with date picker, links, and some iPhone specific speed issues. We intend to have a greater focus on the mobile apps in the future, so hopefully more updates to come!

Bug Fixes

There was a whole host of minor bug fixes released throughout July and August. Sometimes you need to focus on fixing the minor annoying glitches that appear from time to time - we did a lot of that.