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Keeping track of paid time off and vacations should be simple and painless. You don't want to fight with messy spreadsheets or spend your day updating a shared PTO calendar. Bring on Timetastic - your central, up-to-date record of PTO and vacations - so you can plan better, and work smarter.

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Book time off
Mobile booking
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No spreadsheets.
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Every day someone in your team fills in a PTO form, and someone has to update a messy speadsheet - just to take a day off work. You can put an end to this waste of time and energy.

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Personal calendars

Everyone gets their own calendar, with a summary of their time off for the year. They can plan ahead, look back on where they used their allowance, and see how much time off they have left. The summary is always bang up to date.

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Time off at a glance
Calendar months
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People really like using Timetastic

Over 150,000 users. Instead of messing around with spreadsheets, they open up Timetastic to check their vacation allowance, and make a few taps to book a day off.

The 5 star reviews just keep coming

I find it an easy to use management tool to enable me both on a personal level to manage my own time, but also a...

Jo Ankers

Easy to use. Easy to book holidays and see if they have been declined. Easy to see when holidays and other thing...

Daniel Atherton

Very handy tool to see when my colleagues are off. Daily quick reminders about peoples' attendance. Very ea...

Yuliya Slinger

There are a few features I would like to have that are currently not available, however Timetastic has been a hu...

Carol Messenger

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