The average UK worker only uses 62% of their annual leave each year. That's enough time for every single Londoner to read 30 average length books Or for everyone in Wales to summit Mt Everest 1.6 times

It takes an hour on average to plant two trees. With 2,312,699,760 spare hours, we could plant 4,625,399,520 trees – easily beating the UK climate change target of 1.5 billion.

4:05:24 (or 4.09 hours) was the combined men’s and women’s average time to complete the 2018 London Marathon.

The population of London was 8.8 million as of 2016 and it takes 8.75 hours on average to finish a 350-page novel.

The Three Peaks challenge takes 24 hours to complete, with the population of South England being 27,945,000.

It takes 193.83 days to watch the entirety of Coronation Street! The population of Manchester (just the city, not Greater Manchester) is 545,500.

The population of Birmingham is 1,141,400. We’ve calculated the route from Guns Mouth Junction (South) to Tewitfield (North) would take just over 22 days with 8 hours of travel a day.

We’ve said it takes 1.5 days to do Alton Towers properly and the population of Northern England is 14,933,000.

James Cameron (the director of “Titanic”) was the first person to travel to the bottom of the trench as a 3-hour round trip. You could fit 770,899,920 of those return trips into the 2,312,699,760 wasted hours.

It takes 14 days to do a quick Route 66 road trip, and the population of Scotland is 5,424,800.

It takes on average 60 days to climb Mt Everest, while the population of Wales is 3,125,200.

One couple managed to walk the entire wall in 167 days (though it’s not recommended!), and the population of Northern Ireland is 1,870,800.

The Mars One mission says it will take them around 210 days (7 months) to travel to Mars.

Elon Musk believes we could have a colony on Mars in 50-100 years. With 308,359,968 holidays, we could plan and build 8,448 colonies.

Our fastest spacecraft (New Horizons) would take 28,470,000 days (78,000 years!) to reach Alpha Centauri.

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