Product Updates

We update Timetastic regularly - these are the bigger items, new features and important usability improvements.

Staff Absence and Annual Leave Policy Templates

Documented Staff Absence and Annual Leave Policies are important for avoiding ambiguity and conflict. We've created two templates that are completely free to download, customise, and use. No strings attached, you don't even need to enter your email address.

Privacy Mode in Timetastic

The level of privacy in Timetastic is one area that divides opinion amongst our customers. It seems everyone has their own policy and attitude towards privacy in the absence area.

Unlimited Allowance

The policy of Unlimited Holiday Allowance is growing in popularity, and it's not without its challenges. But whatever your stance it's pleasing to see people experimenting with different forms of allowance to discover a better work/ life balance.

Audit trails

You'll be pleased to hear Timetastic now has a full Audit Trail available in the Reports section. The purpose of the Audit Trail is to give

EU VAT Accounting

Today we made a change to the way in which we bill our EU customers. From now on we don't charge VAT to any EU based customer (outside of th

GDPR: How we've addressed it at Timetastic

Here's a run down of what actions Timetastic have taken to address GDPR compliance and ensure information security.

Improved Work Schedule and 1/4 Hour Increments

Two Big Improvements for the Work Schedule on Timetastic Today 1) More Flexible Work Schedule The work schedule is now split into 2 shifts;

Exporting Timetastic holidays into your Google calendar

To export your Timetastic holidays into your Google calendar, just follow these simple steps: Once logged into Timetastic, click on the lit