The paperless way to manage and record staff leave

Switching to Timetastic makes booking time off work a breeze. No more dealing with paper forms and updating messy spreadsheets. You get a central, up-to-date record of absences, so you can plan better, and work smarter.

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The #1 staff holiday planner for over 8,500 businesses

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No spreadsheets. No forms.

Timetastic works anywhere there’s a screen. Say goodbye to stacks of paper and confusing spreadsheets, and say hello to easy-to-use apps and email notifications. Simple.

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Personal calendars

Each staff member gets their own calendar, with a summary of their time off for the year. They can plan ahead, look back on where they used their allowance, and see how much time off they have left. The summary is always bang up to date.

Companies who choose Timetastic become better places to work

Law firms, marketing agencies, hairdressers, charities — businesses of all shapes and sizes choose Timetastic. They understand the importance of time off,  and know how to keep staff motivated and productivity high.

  • We use this for our office and absolutely love it.

    Noor Hassan, Make it Clear
  • Our entire leave policy pretty much just references, “use Timetastic”.

    Andy Norrie, Quarch Technology
  • Time off becomes a discussion at home, leaving the office free to do work.

    Chris Brailsford, Biltmore Printers
  • We love how simple it is to book a holiday request both from desktop or mobile.

    Nedjalko Milenkov, Mobile Wave Solutions
  • We have reduced the chore of recording absences from a six stage process down to two.

    Alistair Shedden, Fleetclean
  • We have removed the possibility of holiday forms not being completed or being lost.

    Chris Savigar, ATG-IT

The 5 star reviews just keep coming

Excellent 'at a glance' calendar, brilliant for staff at various locations to see whose where and when...

Esme Murphy

I like the fact that it gives your daily updates so that you can see who is out.

Chris Jones

Easy management of teams holidays and time off. Would be nice to be able to set a company wide rule though i.e....

Barry Scott

Very simple and easy to use system, nice interface.

Rebecca Clark

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Read how companies like yours became happier, healthier workplaces after switching to Timetastic.

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Doctors, web design agencies, car dealers, online retailers, charities, coffee roasters - over 8,500 businesses just like yours manage their team’s absence with Timetastic.

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