“By a long shot, it’s the best staff holiday planner for teams and small companies

Switching to Timetastic makes booking time off work a breeze. No more dealing with paper forms and updating messy spreadsheets. You get a holiday tracker with a centralised and up-to-date record of absences, so you can plan better, and work smarter.

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Book leave via mobile
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Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and forms. The employee holiday tracker streamlines the entire process for you. Simply log in, request your holiday, and let Timetastic handle the rest. Save yourself some precious time and energy.

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A personal holiday tracker for everyone

 Each team member receives their own staff holiday calendar, giving them a complete overview of their annual leave. You can plan ahead, review holiday allowance usage, and keep track of remaining time off with real-time updates.

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Absence at a glance
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Over 200,000 users. Instead of messing around with spreadsheets, you and all your staff can easily access the employee holiday tracker to check their allowance and conveniently book time off with just a few taps.

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I like that I can see the entire calender for all staff off, I would like a notification ding as soon as a new o...

Jennifer Phillips

I'm the person responsible for tracking time away for a staff of 70. Timetastic has made my job a lot easier as...

Julie Poff


Marjorie Jose

Very easy to use and understand

Orla Walsh

200,000+ people use Timetastic to book time off work

Doctors, web design agencies, car dealers, online retailers, charities, coffee roasters - over 8,000 businesses just like yours manage their team’s absence with Timetastic.

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