Tone and Voice, a Guide to Writing for our Blog.

We aim to update the blog a couple of times per week, topics we cover are:

  • Timetastic Features
  • Our Customers
  • Business advice surrounding attendance and absenteeism
  • Insight into how we operate at Timetastic


We are a friendly, helpful, and straightforward company and we write as such.

Write in a conversational style.

Our blog isn’t a technical paper or formal letter to shareholders of a large bank, we are not writing legal documents like Terms and Conditions, it's relatively informal, and we never use marketing speak or business buzzwords.

  • Instead of 'facilitate' say 'help'.
  • Instead of 'solution' say 'fix'.
  • Instead of 'innovative' say 'new'.
  • Instead of 'Innovative solution that facilities a streamlined process allowing your employees and contractors to record their absence from work in an efficient manner' say 'Timetastic' :)

Get personal

We want to develop a personal/ conversational relationship with our readers. Imagine beinug sat with them, having a conversation. Use "You" and "your". Bear in mind who the reader is and the subject matter of the blog.
"Your employees" rather than "the employees".
"You and your team" rather than "staff".

Write from personal experience. Sharing your knowledge is important, but back it up with experiences, examples, stories that illustrate your point.

Get to the Point

  • Use contractions e.g. Can’t, Won’t, Isn’t.
  • Make it scannable and easy to digest by breaking up the post into small chunks
  • Use headers and sub headers to help readers find the content most relevant to them.
  • Keep your sentences short and punchy.
  • Use bullet points for lists.
  • Avoid caveats that may cause clunky grammar e.g. say ‘You can’ rather than ‘You may be able to’.

Be positive and confident

  • When giving advice and opionion, be positive and confident in what we are saying, no one wants ambiguity:
  • Write in the imperitive form.
  • Avoid words like: should, would, could, maybe, potentially.
  • Istead use: can, will.
  • Have an opinion, but don't be opinionated.


Images can help blogs become more engaging. We always use an image for the top of each blog post and use screenshots from Timetastic to illustrate our point. We don’t mind stock imagery and illustration, but choose wisely, there’s a lot of cheese out there.


The following images are two emails which have generated an unexpectedly high response rate from our customers. They serve as the best examples to date of the tone of voice that our customers appreciate and respond to.