Calculating the notice period when employment ends

Let's take a quick look at how the notice period works, how to calculate your notice period, and what pay you should receive during this period.

Types Of Authorised Absence

From annual leave through to training days, these are the main types of authorised absence available in the UK.

How to Create a Sabbatical Policy That Works for Your Company

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Understanding payment in lieu of holiday

We’re here to talk through the problems with offering payment in lieu of holiday, and how you can deal with unused holiday allowance.

How to become an HR professional

HR acts as a crucial link between company management and its people; as well as dealing with important administrative functions that keep everyone happy, healthy and satisfied in their work, they also play a big part in shaping positive company cultures.

Salary vs. hourly pay - which is better?

Knowing the difference between wages and salary is important for determining what's best for your business as an employer, or your lifestyle as an employee.