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Frequently asked questions

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  • Can Timetastic show in my regular calendar?

    Yes, absolutely. You can sync Timetastic directly with any calendar which supports iCal (which is most). You can sync your calendar, your department’s calendar or your whole company.

  • Does Timetastic handle sickness or maternity?

    Timetastic can handle any type of leave your organisation wants to record. It's got annual leave, sickness, maternity and paternity covered and you can customise and create as many leave types as you like.

  • Who will approve my team’s time off?

    You allocate a boss in Timetastic who will receive the requests for time off. You can also create departments in Timetastic, each having their own boss to deal with his/her own team.

  • I forgot my password.

    You can reset and create a new password by going to the normal Forgotten your password page.

  • Do you discount for my charity/big organisation?

    For simplicity and efficiency we run a completely flat pricing structure. All our customers benefit equally from the same low price of £0.95 per staff member, and one month free of course.

  • Can I speak to someone?

    We provide support entirely online and by email. If this is unfamiliar then give it a try, we generally respond within a few hours during the normal working week, sometimes much quicker.

  • Can Timetastic be backed up?

    We provide a data export feature that allows you to export all of your Timetastic data into Excel format. Use it to take backups on an ad-hoc basis or in line with your own company policy.

  • When do I need to add my debit/credit card?

    Your free trial lasts for one month, you can add payment details any time during this period and you won't be billed until your trial ends.

Visit the help centre for more answers >

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