“We’ve always tried to do the right thing, right from the outset,” says our co-founder Gary. “When we hit profitability, we started donating to charities.”

We're a member of the 100 Trees Club through City of Trees, an organisation aiming to plant three million trees, one for every person across Greater Manchester. We also recently connected with a second environmental organisation: Trees for Life, an environmental nonprofit based in the Scottish Highlands.

And our partnership with 1% for The Planet means that from April 2020 1% of gross monthly sales will be donated directly to environmental charities, starting out with Trees for Life. This commitment is part of focus on business ethics and sustainability.

"Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the environment and only 5% of that comes from businesses,” says Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet. “The planet needs bigger support than this, and now more than ever member businesses like Timetastic doing their part to increase giving and support organisations like Trees for Life is critical.”

On the path to becoming a B-Corp

As a remote-working business with a digital product, we’ve always had a low carbon footprint. But there's always more that we can do. This year, we’ve been looking into gaining a B-Corp certification, a stamp for businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Being a B-Corp is all about balancing profit and purpose. It was through the B-Corp process that we discovered 1% for the Planet. Timetastic is one of more than 3000 businesses who have joined 1% for the Planet, donating to a choice of 4000 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners.

Becoming a member of 1% for the Planet

“The idea of 1% for the Planet was started by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, and Craig Matthews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies,” explains Carla Fox, Membership Director at 1% for the Planet. “When they got together, they spent a lot of time outdoors talking about their companies. They cared so much about the open spaces they were enjoying and wanted to do whatever they could to protect them. And they felt that the best way they could was to donate 1% of the sales of their businesses each year to environmental organisations that know the issues and are addressing them.”

Their simple commitment didn’t take long to catch on. “Other businesses heard what they were doing and wanted to do the same,” she says. “When the singer Jack Johnson joined 1% for the Planet with his worldwide tour, it really took off.”

Since 2002, 1% for the Planet members have donated over $250 million worth of donations to environmental nonprofits. From the beginning, the commitment has been related to sales, not profits. “Yvon and Craig really wanted 1% for the Planet to be that high bar of environmental giving. No matter what, if it’s a good year or bad year, you’re giving back to the planet.”

The team at 1% for the Planet focuses on bringing in new members, matching them with potential nonprofits based on their interests and sharing their stories. They also verify the donations meaning that when someone sees the 1% for the Planet logo on a company website, they know that they can trust it. Donations are always made directly to the charity, not through 1% for the Planet. “Members get to have that direct relationship which has so many  benefits,” says Carla.

Giving back through Timetastic

On top of being a member of 1% for the Planet, Timetastic has also been accredited with a Fair Tax Marker, a stamp that recognises companies paying the right amount of corporation tax. “It’s so easy for digital businesses to avoid tax - too easy. We believe that we should contribute,” says Gary.

This year, we’ve also introduced a discount scheme for other ethical and charitable businesses. “It’s for people who align with our values,” he says. Registered charities, NHS related businesses, Certified B-Corporations, businesses accredited with the Fair Tax Marker and members of 1% for the planet receive 50% off the quoted price of Timetastic.

Our team want to encourage other businesses to follow our lead and give something to those already doing what they can to make a difference. “The whole idea that philanthropy will save us doesn’t run true,” says Gary. “As businesses, there’s so much that we can do.”