A change to our pricing policy

Starting 1st October 2022, we'll start charging for archived users on your account.

For most customers the effect of this change will be minimal. But if you have a large number of archived users on your account - including people who left your employment many years ago, you should review and delete those old records.

I’ll explain why we’re making the change, and what you should do.

Our recent GDPR assessments highlighted an increasing number of records for archived users which are being kept for a very long time, in many cases probably too long to be in line with GDPR. We can see that once someone has left employment and been archived in Timetastic, there's no real motivation to come back and delete the record at the end of a GDPR data retention period.

Obviously no one wants old data hanging around, and we should encourage good data retention practice, which means not storing personal data longer than necessary.

Current working time regulations suggest a statutory retention period of 2 years for working time records including overtime, annual holiday, jury service, etc. But different companies will have different policies. We can't advise on what your retention period should be, but there are some useful resources online.

What you can do now

We suggest doing a review of your archived users and deleting any that you don't need. A periodic review and clear out your archived users is also sensible.

Here’s how to delete a user completely.

You’ll also now see that when you delete a user you're offered a full excel download of their data, so if you do need to hold a longer term record, or want to store a record outside of Timetastic it’s very easy.

To confirm, the change will apply to charges raised from 1st October onwards, and it’ll be at your existing rate per user.

If you have any questions about this change then just reach out to our support team.

Kind regards

Gary & Matt