HR blogs are a great source of information, whether you want to catch up on the latest news and trends, or just discover what industry experts have to say on topical issues. If you want to stay abreast of all things HR, here are the top HR blogs to follow in 2018.

1. HR Bartender


HR expert Sharlyn Lauby created this blog so like-minded HR types could converge and ponder over the latest workplace issues. Friendly, welcoming and informal, this blog covers topics such as employee engagement, leadership and employee retention. Blogs are published frequently, so there's always a good reason to regularly return to this site.

2. Evil HR Lady


With a name like this, this blog certainly commands attention, making it a worthy addition to any top HR blogs list to follow this year. Suzanne Lucas created this blog to demystify the HR department, giving honest and blunt views on HR that will make you question any previous misconceptions you might have had. What makes this a good blog to dip into every now and again is that if you've got any burning HR questions, the Evil HR Lady herself will happily answer them.

3. The Chief Happiness Officer


Happiness is key to achieving a motivated and committed workforce, and this blog focuses on all things related to happiness. Blog founder Alexander Kjerulf is one of the world's leading experts on workplace happiness, so you can be assured of getting the best tips and advice on this site. Updated regularly, blogs cover aspects such as why happiness at work is good for employees and what factors make staff happy.

4. Fistful of Talent


As one of the top HR blogs on the block, Fistful of Talent brings together some of the biggest names in the HR industry, sharing their opinions and ideas in weekly musings. Covering every HR topic going, you can glean insightful wisdom that's delivered in an easygoing and often light-hearted format.

5. HR Grapevine


A leading authority on the latest HR news and views, HR Grapevine has got everything you need to stay ahead of changes in the industry. With over 20 posts published weekly, there's always something of interest to read on this site. Clear and easy navigation makes it simple to browse HR topics, ideal if you've just got five minutes to spare.

6. The HR Director


As the only magazine aimed at senior HR directors, this one easily makes the HR blogs 2018 list for those seeking in-depth content and analytical issues relating to the HR industry. With around three new postings each week, there's just enough to keep top HR experts ahead of their game in this fast-paced industry. Catch up on the latest workplace trends, and discover how to achieve effective and high-performing working environments.

7. People Management Blog

As the voice of the professional body for HR and people development, it would be a crime not to include the People Management Blog on any top HR blogs list. As an authority in the HR field, you can expect high-quality, reliable and current information frequently published on this site. Read the latest HR news stories or watch topical podcasts.

8. HRZone


No HR blogs 2018 list would be complete without the inclusion of this thought-provoking site. Essentially, a hub for a community of like-minded bloggers, at HRZone you get a wide range of opinions on everything HR related. From engagement to leadership, tech, and workplace culture and change, this is a one-stop shop for your HR news needs. With around 13 posts published weekly, you'll never feel out of the loop on this site, but for those short on reading time, head towards the handy trending section to keep on top of must-know issues.

9. Workology


If you're looking for a blog site that hones in on the topic of recruitment, this is one of the top HR blogs to choose. Founded by HR expert Jessica Miller-Merrell, over 250 well-versed writers also contribute their stories and views on every aspect of the recruitment process. Clearly a site that's highly regarded by the HR community, where it boasts 200,000-300,000 page views each month. What makes this blog a firm contender on the top HR blogs 2018 list is that it sections posts in categories according to readership experience/levels, from those starting out to others at a more senior level.

10. Laurie Ruettimann


Branding herself as a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and podcaster, Laurie Ruettimann offers a fresh spin on HR issues in her popular blog. Often speaking candidly and from the heart, Laurie's posts are compelling, charming and full of character. Whether you want to understand when a job candidate is lying or how HR can encourage healthy sleep habits, there's never a dull reading moment on this blog site.

11. Officevibe Blog


Achieving good office vibes is the goal of any business leader, but reaching that harmonious status quo is often harder than you think. This is where this blog steps in to help, as it focuses on strategies to create a happy and positive workplace vibe. Topics up for discussion include performance reviews, employee engagement, diversity, motivation and turnover, plus many more. Nicely laid out for easy scanning, what makes this blog also stand out from the crowd is that it includes useful infographics that make digesting HR data easier.

Post image: by Nick Morrison on Unsplash