There's a range of organisations leading the charge when it comes to HR and people management knowledge.

Some of these put some brilliant insights out there, and we often use them as inspiration for our own articles. We've got a few favourites, containing specific guides on HR issues as well as more general pondering on the best ways to build company culture.

While you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with every Human Resources blog under the sun, it’s worth choosing a select few to broaden your perspectives and keep up with the evolving world of HR.

From quick and easy management tips to academic research on the comparative effectiveness of talent acquisition strategies, you’ll find it all in these fantastic sites.

Top blogs and resources for HR

HR Dept

This UK based blog is a great place to go for news on the latest developments in the world of Human Resources, as well as guides and thought pieces on HR’s relationship to business in general. It covers things like legal issues, productivity tips and absence management in a nicely readable style.

HR Zone

This is a UK-based publication about everything HR. It covers recruitment, employment law, wellbeing, training and more. We like it because it’s a pretty extensive resource, well-structured and easy to find what you want. Their opinion articles are also quite good and align with our employee-first outlook.

Workplace Psychology

This one’s more of a theoretical resource, with plenty of academic research into the world of psychology in business. If you want some detailed lunchtime reads, this is the place for you - you’ll find topics like organisation design, leadership development, company culture and change management.

That said, it’s written in simple and readable prose and ideas are well explained for the general reader. For a short taster we’d recommend Creating an Ethical Organisational Culture.

Evil HR Lady

Demystifying Your Human Resources Department’ is the promise of this one, but you’ll find that Suzanne Lucas’ entertaining HR blog has a much wider scope. All aspects of the world of work are covered from a rather snarky HR director’s perspective. Evil HR Lady has been writing for nearly 15 years and has built up quite a library of guides, giving you an insight into many aspects of the workplace that you might otherwise miss.

HR Capitalist

In the same vein as Evil HR Lady, the HR Capitalist is a view from the inside - honest, direct, and doesn't sugarcoat anything. As you can tell from the name, it’s a pretty raw look at the business efficiency side of things, but writer Kris Dunn is a HR expert who understands the importance of keeping talented people happy.

This one dives deep into talent management, but also covers employee relations, leadership and recruitment.


The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) is a government-funded independent public body that endeavours to improve workplace relationships. This means they can help resolve workplace disputes, provide impartial advice to workers and businesses, and train people on workplace issues.

Acas also has a fantastic online resource library that covers everything employment and work.

And of course, has pretty much everything you need to know, in bite size, easy-to-follow guides. You’ll find a good few links to from articles in this blog, and for good reason.

It’s the authoritative resource on all things work in the UK, and while some complex issues will require qualified legal advice, it’s the quickest way to refresh your memory on the basic legalities of HR. It’s written in plain English, too, which makes it super easy to understand.

Top blogs and resources for company culture

Harvard Business Review

While it’s a huge repository of business knowledge, ranging from crisis management to finance to negotiation advice, HBR interests us due to its excellent company culture reporting. If you want reliable, research-backed writing about the changing world of work and how to build good companies, it’s a great place to start.


These perennial favourites of ours (as you’ll know from our blogs & tweets) are experts on the art of running a people-first business.

Buffer put out well-researched long-form blog posts about all things social media, remote work and productivity.

They also have a pioneering company culture that’s remote-first, invest in their staff properly and are transparent about finances. If we weren’t working here, we’d be working there. (Bonus: they use Timetastic!)

Financial Times

It’s quite pricey but if you’ve never tried it, the FT covers a lot more than just the FTSE 100 share prices. Its combination of original research and opinion pieces from business leaders are a pretty interesting resource.

FT opinion covers a variety of issues in the modern workplace, like remote working, office etiquette, parental leave, and careers. (Maybe avoid the property listings unless you’ve got a few million lying around, though.)

Courier Magazine

Courier is a magazine about modern business and startup culture.

They’ve got a refreshingly physical take on the world of small business, focusing on products and lifestyle gizmos. But they also cater for the digital and creative industries, and have a progressive and colourful take on company culture issues.

Their weekly email roundup contains some great business culture articles, and you might pick up a few TikTok marketing tips from it, too.

The Timetastic blog

We also like to think this blog is a useful resource, covering topics like company culture, annual leave and absence management. You can sign up to our email list using the pop-up below, and make sure you never miss a post!

(And if you're looking for more in-depth reading, check out our top ten books on company culture.)