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What is company culture?

Company culture is basically the personality of your company and how things get done within it. It's your values, beliefs, practices, and customs that define your company and shape the behavior of your team.

Having a strong company culture can help attract and retain top talent, improve employee engagement and productivity, and drive overall business success.

Now, a key part of company culture is your mission and values. These are the principles that guide your decisions and actions and they can be communicated through statements, slogans, and other messaging. For example, if you value sustainability you might make it a priority to reduce your company's carbon footprint, while a company that values innovation might invest heavily in research and development.

What are the different types of company culture?

There are different types of company culture and each has its own characteristics.

A hierarchical culture is one where there's a clear chain of command and decisions are made at the top. This is often found in more traditional, bureaucratic organisations.

A flat culture is one where there's less hierarchy and more collaboration and empowerment. This is often found in more modern, innovative organisations.

Another type is the clan culture, where the company is like a family and employees are deeply committed to the company and its goals. This is often found in family-owned companies.

The market culture is one where there's a strong emphasis on competition and achieving results, often found in sales or start-up companies.

Finally, a cult-like culture, which is less common, is one where the company's values and practices become so strong that they border on being a cult. This can have both positive and negative effects on the company, as it can create a sense of unity and loyalty among employees, but it can also lead to a lack of diversity in thought and a lack of critical thinking.

In summary, company culture is super important for any organisation. It shapes the behavior of employees and can have a big impact on the success of the company. Understanding the different types of company culture and identifying the type that aligns with your business goals can help you create a strong and positive culture that benefits both employees and the organisation as a whole.

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