Wake up in the morning and look at a little screen. 📱

Then do your work all day on the medium screen. 💻

Then relax at night by watching the big screen. 🖥

Sometimes you just need to look away from the glowing lights for a while and treat your ears instead.

Other than books (which we’re big fans of) podcasts are one of the best ways to learn. They’re a direct, easy-to-consume format for getting stuck into big topics and soaking up some business wisdom.

Keeping up with the latest insights into company culture is one of the best things you can do for your business. Some of the best ideas can come up when two great minds are in conversation. So to help spark some thoughts about building positive company cultures, we’ve put together a list of our favourite listens.

The best podcasts on company culture

Culture Awesome

Presented by two managing directors - Rebecca Lewis Smith and Emily Groves, this is a friendly and cheerful show that contains some really interesting conversations on building company culture based on the hosts’ extensive business experience.

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

While this isn’t strictly about company culture, many of the guests are successful business leaders, psychologists and academics, from which you can learn a lot about managing people. The interviewer asks fantastic questions and gives his guests the space to answer them properly.

Also be sure to check out Shane’s articles at Farnam Street - an amazing library of wisdom on mental models for effective decision-making.

The Company Culture Podcast

This 8-part series is a lighthearted look at company culture backed up by hard data. Presented by the founders of the Global Company Culture Association in Dallas, its mission is to "unite both leaders and employees in a movement to drive meaningful change by increasing employee engagement”.


A podcast from perennial Timetastic favourites, Basecamp. Basecamp founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson wrote a fantastic book called Rework - a manifesto for radical shifts in company culture - and now their podcast of the same name explores similar topics.

Courier Weekly

From the writers of millennial entrepreneurship magazine Courier, this weekly podcast explores case studies from founders who’ve built brands and companies for the modern world. Interviews can go deep into the fundamentals of finding talent and managing teams in the new world of work.

Radical Candor

Based on Kim Scott’s bestselling management book of the same name, this podcast is about managing people with honesty. It touches upon topics like giving feedback, conflict resolution, and positive communication with colleagues.

Monocle: The Entrepreneurs

This series contains long-form conversations with founders about how they built their business, and shorter Eureka episodes which uncover how the ideas for the subjects’ businesses came about. There’s a nice global outlook to these which is a refreshing change from US-saturated podcast scene.

More Beach Meetings

Run by Surf Office, provider of company retreats and workations in Europe and the US, this podcast interviews leaders about topics like remote working, distributed management, and the power of team retreats. Working from the beach? Sounds like something we can get behind.

TED WorkLife with Adam Grant

Organisational psychologist Adam Grant is a busy man. While he’s not giving blurb quotes for seemingly every business book ever published (!) he interviews some huge names for this podcast  on working culture.

Is this working?

Presented by journalists Anna Codrea-Rado and Tiffany Philippou, this podcast covers working in media, journalism and beyond, and is an interesting look at the new world of working culture for freelancers, managers and business owners.