Wake up in the morning and look at a little screen. 📱Then do your work all day on the medium screen. 💻 Then relax at night by watching the big screen. 🖥

Sometimes you just need to look away from the glowing lights for a while and treat your ears instead.

Other than books (which we’re big fans of) podcasts are one of the best ways to learn. They’re a direct, easy-to-consume format for getting stuck into big topics and soaking up some business wisdom.

So, we've put together a list of our top ten podcasts about work that'll make your workday a whole lot more enjoyable. These fab pods will give you the career advice, practical tips, and mental health hacks you need to strike that perfect work-life balance.

Most of these are available on the usual platforms - Spotify, Apple, and so on – just search the podcast name and your preferred platform if you have any trouble.

So here’s the list: grab your headphones and get stuck in.

The best podcasts on company culture

Well Workplaces Podcast

This one’s all about the world of well-being and workplace culture. The Well Workplaces podcast offers practical advice on how to make your workplace the best it can be. From remote work strategies to preventing burnout, this weekly podcast covers a wide range of useful topic. It's a must-listen for anyone interested in improving their day-to-day work experience and creating a healthier environment.

Inspired: HR Leadership + Workplace Culture Podcast

Looking to take your HR game to the next level? Inspired offers fantastic insights from business leaders, bestselling authors, and experts on how to create a thriving workplace culture. With a focus on career development and work-life balance, this podcast is an excellent resource for anyone in HR or management.

Happier at Work Podcast

The Happier at Work podcast, hosted by Aoife O'Brien, is a weekly business podcast for HR and business leaders who want to retain their top talent by creating a happier work environment.

This breezy and informative pod features guest interviews and solo episodes discussing the importance of employee happiness and how it can lead to increased productivity, engagement, and retention. Seems like a smart way to do things.

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

If you're into self-development and career development, The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish is a really good choice.

While this isn’t strictly about workplace culture, many of the guests are successful business leaders, psychologists and academics, from which you can learn a lot about dealing with people in your work and personal life. The host asks fantastic questions and gives his guests the space to answer them properly.

Also be sure to check out Shane’s articles at Farnam Street - an amazing library of wisdom on mental models for effective decision-making.

The 37Signals Rework Podcast

A podcast from perennial Timetastic favourites, Basecamp. Basecamp founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson wrote a fantastic book called Rework - a manifesto for radical shifts in company culture - and now as podcast hosts they explore similar topics.

It’s a great podcast that challenges traditional business practices and explores new ways of working. We especially like the episode about taking more time off work.

Radical Candor

Based on Kim Scott’s bestselling management book of the same name, this podcast is all about improving your leadership skills through honest feedback and open communication. It touches upon topics like constructive feedback, conflict resolution, and positive communication with colleagues.

The Culture First Podcast

Ever wonder how successful companies create and maintain a strong company culture? The Culture First Podcast takes you behind the scenes to explore the minds of entrepreneurs and business owners. Each episode features interviews with top leaders, sharing their hacks for building a culture-first org. If you're interested in entrepreneurship or leadership, this podcast should keep your brain whirring nicely.

The Transform Your Workplace Podcast

With a focus on career coaching and employee engagement, The Transform Your Workplace Podcast offers valuable insights and practical advice from business leaders, HR experts, and influencers. Whether you're a project manager or just starting your career, this podcast will help you create a better work environment for you and your team.

Monocle: The Entrepreneurs

This series contains in-depth conversations with founders about how they built their business, and shorter Eureka episodes which uncover how the ideas for the businesses came about.

The Entrepreneurs tells the stories of business owners, co-founders, and innovators from a different perspective. There’s a nice global outlook to these which is a refreshing change from US-saturated podcast scene. They also tend to talk about physical product businesses, and include lots of practical advice on taking an alternative career path.

You’ll be inspired by their tales of startup success, side hustles, and overcoming challenges

TED WorkLife with Adam Grant

Organisational psychologist Adam Grant is a busy man. As a New York Times bestselling author, he puts out some great works on productivity and wellbeing. This pod looks to uncover the ins and outs of the working world. Burnout, work-life balance, all that good stuff, wrapped up with some rather interesting stories. Definitely worth a listen.