Absence is a fact of life for every business, and so are holidays.

Yet it seems there's a fair number of companies out there without documented policies on how to deal with them.

Staff Absence and Annual Leave policies are really important for avoiding ambiguity and conflict.

As we've written before, having written policies:

"...makes sure everyone is on the same page, and prevents misunderstandings and he-said-she-said disagreements. When you’ve all got the same rulebook to refer to, everyone knows where they stand.

Having a proper policy also helps you prevent unnecessary absence in the first place.

When folks are treated fairly and are supported by their company, they’ll be less stressed and less likely to suffer from illness. They’ll feel more loyalty and responsibility to their colleagues, and they’ll be less likely to dread coming in to work."

So to address this, we've created two policy templates that are completely free to download, customise, and use. No strings attached; you don't even need to enter your email address.

You can download in PDF, Word, or Google Doc format from here:

Staff Absence Policy Template

Annual Leave Policy Template

The purpose of these policies is to make it clear to your team how you as a company operate in regard to taking time off. This kind of clarity will help avoid any ambiguity and make planning and taking time off that little bit smoother, for both management and staff.

Feature photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash