When most companies recruit they put out a very specific job description, with a very specific person spec. That’s not the case here, if we want good developers we have to be flexible to what you want too.

Above all else we want people interested in working on a great web and mobile app. Friendly, thoughtful, calm people who can get on in our small team. You might be a .NET specialist, a full-stack dev, or a React front-end dev with no .NET experience - all welcome!

What does our tech stack look like?

Timetastic is an ASP.NET Core web app, using a combination of server-side (Razor) rendering and some client side rendering (React and Stimulus, and we do still have jQuery knocking about for now). We also have a mobile app in development, written in React Native, and using the ASP.NET Core web app as the backend. We’re keen to use React in more places. Everything is hosted in Microsoft Azure.

How does the dev team work?

We believe your best work comes when you understand and believe in the entire product - when you can stand back and understand why we are building this feature or that improvement. Working at Timetastic means you might be involved in the web app, the mobile app, front and backend, everything that helps you see the full picture.

We try to be light on development processes, no one wants to get bogged down in bureaucracy, agile checklists, standups, or reporting deadlines! We roughly follow Basecamp’s Shapeup process where we pitch smaller blocks of work which you get to spec out and take the lead on.

We don’t pair-program, but we do collaborate. We follow good programming practices, code cleanly, and write tests. We work with pull requests in GitHub.

What will you be working on?

We’re always working on and adding new features to our existing web app. We're also in the latter stages of launching a new mobile app, built from the ground up in React Native. But it’s just a first release, a platform to build on as we shift to a greater focus on mobile. So if you want to work on a mobile app, we’ve got that covered.

We’ve also got some big plans for Timetastic. If you’d have been here during the past year you’d have worked on our Pro plan, looking at features like SSO, MS Teams integration, upgrade / downgrade paths, the insights page and Burnout Board. Have a scan through the changelog to get a flavour of what we’ve been up to and how often we’re releasing.

What's it like to work at Timetastic?

We’re a fully remote team, we stay in touch using Slack, Basecamp and video calls. There’s always some random fat-chewing going on in the general channel of Slack, gifs, coffee debates, what’s your favourite tea bag and such like. The tech channel is where you'll find dev related chat, and where everyone will chip in to help if you get stuck.

You won’t be bogged down in status meetings, we try to leave you alone to get on with your work. We don’t ask you to work crazy hours, 7 hour days are long enough for anyone, but we’re open to whatever works for you. Want to work a 4 day week - no problem. Fancy going part time or flexy hours - we can do that.

What do you pay, what are the benefits?

We’ll pay according to your skills and experience, but likely in the range of £40,000 if you have a few years experience to £70,000+ for a senior developer.

Our benefits are pretty good too:

        🏖 Flexible holidays policy
        💰 Annual profit share
        👩‍⚕️ Private health care
        🏌️‍♂️ Pension
        🎓 Education and training allowance
        📚 Books
        🏡 Home office setup and..
        🖥 Whatever tech you need to do your job properly.

Did you say you wanted the latest Macbook Pro? Sure. And an ultra-wide curved screen? Just tell us where to send it 👍

What do you reckon, do you think you’d fit in, fancy working at Timetastic? We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch by emailing hello@timetastic.co.uk