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Timetastic is more than just a streamlined way to book time off work - it’s abetter way of getting to grips with staff absence.

Companies that switch to Timetastic become more transparent, they plan better, work better, and value their team - you'll see a happier and more productive workforce.

It’s a big step forward, and surprisingly simple to make, you'll love it.

Instead of messy paperwork, you get:

Individual Calendars

Every member of staff gets a personal calendar and summary. They can see and track their time off, make plans for this year or next.

It's easy to see what holidays you've taken, what's upcoming, and how much you've got left for the year.

Using the calendar integrations they can sync Timetastic directly into a calendar of their choice; Outlook, Gmail and Apple are all supported.

App & Email Notifications

Rather than shuffling bits of paper around the office and digging through desk drawers for a holiday request form, you open Timetastic, click the dates you want off and the request is sent direct to your manager. All they have to do is click approve or decline in the email.

A live wall chart, with bells and whistles

The first thing you’ll see in Timetastic is your new interactive wall chart. At a glance you can see who’s in and who’s not. Click to request time off, use it to plan ahead, make sure busy periods are covered and avoid any clashes.

A full set of features, so you canmanage time off properly


Group your staff into departments, allocate one boss to manage the whole team, set minimum staffing levels and see clashes before approving requests for time off.

Leave Types

Handle any type of absence  - annual leave, sickness, maternity and paternity, unpaid leave, compassionate and meetings.

Public Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or a bank holiday, public holidays from over 30 countries are preloaded in Timetastic. For those countries not listed, create your own custom list.

Work Schedules

Each employee has a work schedule split into two sessions to account for a lunch break. Their working week is reflected on the team calendars so you can see who should be working and when.

Is Timetastic For You?

Accountants, Car Garages, Marketing Agencies, Software Developers, Lawyers, Engineers - over 8,500 businesses just like yours manage their team’s absence with Timetastic.

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Timetastic works with your other apps

Timetastic integrates with: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, G Suite, Apple Calendar, and Slack.

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