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Timetastic The App

Your employees will love the mobile apps for their iPhone or Android smartphones. Now they can book time off, from anywhere, anytime, and it's all tracked and reconciled.

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Your Company Wallchart

An at a glance view of your team’s availability, the wall chart shows you who’s off and when. Now you can plan better and avoid those awkward clashes.

Individual Calendars For Personal Planning.

"When did I use all my allowance?" Each member of staff can view their annual calendar. They can see and track all their days off, plan for this year or next.

Using the iCal feed you can sync Timetastic directly into your calendar of choice, Outlook, Gmail and Mac are all supported.

Emails, Not Paperwork

Request a day off and an email is sent to your boss, when it’s approved we’ll let you know by email too. And with your calendar and leave allowance updated instantly, finally you can bin all the forms and paperwork.

It’s time to drag one of the oldest business systems into the 21st Century, a simple win that your team will love.