We're still the same Timetastic, but with more clarity, vision, and a brand that represents the future.

From today you'll notice the look and feel of our brand is changing - the first step is our logos colour schemes are updated, and in this post we're really excited to share these updates and why we made them.

What's changing?

Today is just the first step in this evolution, but it's the culmination of six months of work developing a better understanding of you, our customers. We now have a clearer vision of our future, a better understanding of our position in the marketplace and we're more focused than ever on delivering a better Timetastic for everyone.

In this first step we've updated our logo, colours, fonts and app icon. Later in the year we'll reveal a redesigned website, blog and help centre, all of which will help you get more from Timetastic.

Why we've changed

Timetastic started out as a side project, but we've expanded way beyond those original roots, we've improved features and flexibility while still holding onto the simplicity of a 'do one thing and do it well' style application. Today we help over 8,500 small to medium organisations, just shy of 200,000 people arrange their time off work using Timetastic.

As we've grown, the brand has started to feel disjointed. Our mascot, the little 8 bit digital character we call Harry, harks back to early computer games and although we are fond of him, Timetastic isn't a retro computer game. We want to represent the future and a more modern way of working.

We have focused heavily on accessibility, but our colour schemes have presented problems in generating sufficient contrast for those with less than perfect eyesight. As we've developed the help centre, blog and resources, designs have had to adapt to fit those formats and what we see is differences appearing and a lack of consistency. We don't want a disjointed brand.

So today is a big step forward for us, we start to bring a more unified and recognisable design system into place, one that works across all formats, and represents both our customers and the future of Timetastic.