Feeding Timetastic bookings into your regular calendar is one of the most used features in Timetastic - but the iCal format is not without its problems, the fact it creates a new calendar with sometimes slow and inconsistent updates. The issues are well documented and the cause of much frustration across the Internet.

So today we see a big step forward for Timetastic with the full launch of Calendar Integrations.

Rather than subscribing to a feed, these integrations allow Google calendar or Outlook.com/Outlook 365 users to connect directly with Timetastic and have bookings instantly appear in their personal calendars.

Installing from Desktop or Laptop

The integrations can be found from My Calendar in the main menu:

You'll see the new dialog box with your options to connect to either Google or Outlook:

Installing from Mobile

If you're using Timetastic on your mobile, either in the app or the website then you'll find the integrations from the side menu, as below:

We hope this makes Timetastic much smoother for you. We admit this has been a heavy dose of work with many iterations to get the workflow nice and simple, we're fairly proud of this one :)