You'll be pleased to hear Timetastic now has a full Audit Trail available in the Reports section.

The purpose of the Audit Trail is to give you greater access to the personal data stored in Timetastic and visibility over changes to that data. It is after all, your data. I admit we really like GDPR for driving forward on functionality like this.

As with everything we do, auditing is very simple to use and in this case is available to all Admin users as an excel download from SETTINGS > REPORTING

Pick your date range and click Download, in just a few seconds your audit trail will be available as an Excel workbook.

Audit trail download window

What kind of activity is logged?

The audit trail is focused on changes to your account such as:

  • Updates to users and the attributes in their profiles.
  • Leave Types.
  • Department Settings.
  • Pretty much everything you can find in the SETTINGS menu item.

Leave requests and bookings are not recorded here, they are detailed in the Annual Leave Summaries. The Audit trail covers your account settings and users.

What attributes are covered?

The attributes help you identify who made the change and what the change was:

  • Who changed the setting.
  • Their IP address.
  • When they changed it.
  • What they changed the setting to.

Note: We started the collection of Audits as part of our work towards GDPR compliance and hence the data is only available from 20th of May 2018.

As with everything, there's more information in our help centre and if you've got any questions or feedback about the audit trail, please get in touch.