One of the things we really wanted to concentrate on when we started building Timetastic was the idea that you should be able to do certain things on your smartphone: book some holiday, look at your calendar for the year, and see who’s on leave at the moment. If I’m sat at home thinking about when I want to go on holiday with my family, I don’t really want to go and sit in front of the computer – I’d just like to be able to pull it up on my phone at a glance.

So alongside launching Timetastic – which is getting closer to coming out of beta every day as we fix bugs and introduce new features – we’re building applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

I’ve been working on the API (which is the techy bit that means that mobile apps can hook up with the Timetastic website) and also starting to build the iPhone application, whilst Martin’s working on the Windows Phone application and Allan on the Android.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the iPhone application is going to look like! (As ever, these could change…)