We’ve been really pleased to see Timetastic hasn’t been taken up just by small businesses, but by large companies too. We’ve added a few features in the last week specifically for larger organisations and those of you that spend a lot of time with Timetastic.

Performance Improvements

Never the most exciting things in the world; Timetastic is now faster than ever before. We’ve more than halved the time it takes to load each screen in Timetastic, and have specifically concentrated on the wall chart: initial load and scrolling through months now loads in a third of the time it did a few weeks ago.

Wall Chart

Hover over any day name at the top of the wall chart (the M, T, W…) and that day will be highlighted all the way down. A great way to keep your eye on a specific day, especially with Christmas coming up! We’ve also removed the borders from days to make the wall chart less distracting.

Better Searching

Great for those of you with lots of departments, the department filter has been extended to the users page.

We’ve also introduced a new feature on both the wall chart and users page: click the hourglass on the right of the screen, and type part of a user’s name in the search box that appears. The wall chart and users page in front of you will be filtered to match your search query!