Not only has there been an awesome video added to Timetastic, but we’ve added some nice new features in the last few days too!

Better emails – featuring Harry!

We’ve got some great new emails. You get a different Harry depending on if your holiday’s been approved or declined!

Better staff management

There’s now a “Staff” page if you’re a department boss or administrator, and you can easily edit people’s details from that page. Also, when you’re viewing your own calendar (or someone else’s if you can see it), you can now toggle between a calendar and list view.

Easier support and feedback

There’s a handy support tab on the left that links into our help desk system – click it, and you can tell us your feedback or ask for support!

Lots of statistics

You won’t see these from a user perspective for a while yet, but we’ve got some awesome graphs that tell us how much people are using the system and how many people are signing up. If you’re adding lots of holidays, we might be coming to talk to you about how you’re finding it!

As a sneak peak, here’s what our signups look like over the last few days… (it’s a sneak peak because we left the numbers off the side!)

Mobile apps – coming soon!

We’re (no surprises) having a little back-and-forth with the Apple ‘App Store’ review team. No estimate yet on when the iPhone app will be in the store, but based on what we’ve heard we’re hoping in the next week or two.

The Android app’s just being finalised and we’re testing on as many devices as we can – we’ll be submitting that early next week.

Your feedback

We’ve had lots of great feedback so far and we’re really enjoying talking to people about how they’re using Timetastic. Two of the most requested things we’ve had are the ability to see your holidays as an ICS feed (so you can include it in Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar), and the ability for bosses to book holiday for their own staff.

Both of these will be coming very soon. In the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying using Timetastic!