Group Bookings on Timetastic

Some of you may be surprised to hear that making a booking on Timetastic that applies to a full department or even entire organisation has always been possible, it was just tucked away, you could never really say it was user friendly.

So we've changed it, improved it, made it better :)

What's a Group Booking?

A group booking could be a summer shutdown, Christmas days off other than the public holidays, a team building day. It's any period of time off that applies to either all your team or for those in a given department.

And rather than booking these days one by one for each staff member, you can make one booking that puts it in the calendars for all.

Making a Group Booking

The option is now available under the main booking menu, just hover over the 'Book Time off Button' to reveal the further options.


You'll get the group booking form (as per below) and as you can see you can select which department it applies to, the Leave Type, dates, and a reason.


Once you save the booking it'll be reflected in the calendars of all the users and deductions updated if appropriate.

Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash