Happy new year to all our Timetastic users! This blog’s been pretty quiet, but we’ve spent the last two months working on a big update to Timetastic, which we’re currently planning to release in late January.

Speed and stability

This release is full of under-the-hood improvements. As we head towards a full launch, we’ve really focused on stability, trying to iron out as many bugs as possible. We’ve also speeded up many places in the app, and also made it quicker for us to roll out new updates.

A design refresh

We’ve done a big refresh on the design of Timetastic – the top navigation bar is easier to use, we’ve made the colours nicer, and this has allowed us to incorporate some really nice things. For example, you can now see your holiday allowance for both the current year and the next year.

We’ve cleaned up other pages, too. Here’s a look at the new settings interface:

The wall chart

Some people have been experiencing problems in the beta period with the wall chart, and we’ve done a full rewrite of how this works to combat this. The new version is a lot more resilient for both big and small companies.

We’ve also added some new features here – if you click on your holidays, you’ll have the option to cancel them directly from the wall chart.

What about charging?

We still haven’t made a decision on when we’ll start charging for Timetastic – we want to get this release out, plus some other features people are waiting for, like iCal feeds, and make sure everyone’s happy with Timetastic before we start charging people to use it.

Our current plan is to get this out by late January, and we’ll email everyone who’s signed up when we’re planning to do this. Speak to you then!