Managing user allowances in 2015

First, Happy new year to all our timetastic users, how soon did 2015 come around?!

A lot of people are sorting out their staff leave allowances for 2015, and we're getting some questions about how the allowances work as we enter the new year. This post explains everything you need to know.

What happened to my 2014 leave allowances?

In short, the answer is "nothing". Each user in timetastic has an annual allowance. When a new year starts, you book your leave against the allowance you have for the new year.

What about my remaining allowance balance?

Timetastic doesn't carry any remaining balance forwards. We know some people would like it to do that, but we find that so many companies have different rules regarding this - should we carry all days forwards, is there a limit, what about part time workers.. you get the idea.

For users who permit carry over, we've got a handy export that will provide you with all the information you need to add additional days via the 'days in lieu' function.
Assuming you're an admin, if you head to

Settings > Data Export

You will find a "Allowance Summary" export that you can grab.

The 2014 allowance summary contains all the details you need - including the remaining balance.

Hope this helps.