Today we're announcing the release of the long overdue updates to iPhone and Android apps.

To be completely level with you, the previous apps were way short on functionality and had numerous bugs, they were out of sync with the web app in their design and usability.

Our only course of action was to start from scratch and build a completely new mobile experience, one that's in line with the web app, one you'll feel instantly at home with.

So after many months of design, code, releasing, then design again, code again, bug fix, test, design, code, test (you get the picture) - we are finally there.

We've no doubt that despite all our testing and tweaking there will be some niggles that arise in the first few weeks, if you spot anything please do let us know.

And otherwise we'd love to hear your feedback :)

Here's the links to Download:

App Store linkGoogle play store link