How to manage a sick employee

As a manager, you're not a doctor but you do still have some responsibility in taking care of them. Ignore staff welfare at your peril.

How to calculate holiday pay for casual workers

Guidance: How to calculate holiday pay for casual workers.

How to make an effective staff rota

Having your team work with a proper rota is a great way to make sure you don't get left up a certain creek without a paddle. It helps you prioritise your clients, customers, and projects. It also allows your staff to have some flexibility in their personal and working lives.

Team building games to try out

Let's take a look at some of the best team building exercises for work, many of which can be organised with social distancing in mind - so there's no need for the pandemic to dampen your team spirit.

Moving away from holiday request forms

Moving towards being a paperless office is a step in the right direction. Where to start? How about replacing holiday request forms with an online alternative.

Creating a performance review process

Creating a performance review process that works is essential to get a good overview of where your employees are in their working life, what they're doing well, and what's perhaps not going so brilliantly.

Can you contact employees when they’re off sick?

It’s a busy morning in the office, thrown into chaos because the printer won’t work. There’s only one person to fix it. Dave the IT guy is the man who understands - but he’s been off sick. Nightmare. What can you do?

How To Manage Annual Leave And Sick Leave Overlap

Getting sick during annual leave is the last thing anyone wants, but it happens. As a manager, knowing ahead of time how to deal with this type of leave overlap, including what the law says, will make managing it a piece of cake.