Introducing Privacy Mode, an optional setting that makes your leave information more private.

Privacy is one area that divides opinion in our customer base. We regularly receive requests to hide departments, leave type info, even requests that employees can't see anything but their own calendar. (Although in many respects this latter case negates most of the planning benefits that come from the improved information available via Timetastic - and sharing it).

On the flip side we get just as many people checking that everyone can see everything - they want exactly the opposite of privacy, full open book. Everyone has their own policies and attitude towards privacy in the absence area.

Until today everything was open book, much like the old style wall planner, but we tend to agree that some things could, and maybe should be private. Maybe sickness, doctors appointments, early stage maternity leave for scans.

Maybe it's ok to know the person working next to you is off sick. But someone in a different department, is it right that you can see they are sick, maybe just knowing that they are off work is sufficient?

That's why we're introducing Privacy Mode, so you can choose to make your leave information more private.

With Privacy Mode On, the 'Leave Type' is only viewable by:

  • Your Approver
  • Department Boss
  • Your Timetastic Admin users

Users can see their co-workers are off, but not the reason why they are off. The coloured squares on the Wall Chart and Calendar are replaced by grey. Department Bosses can see the reasons his/her team are off, but not for another department.

Admins - of course, can see everything.

Privacy is a global setting, and can be found in SETTINGS > GENERAL, toggle it on or off as you see fit.

Here's some screen shots:

Without Privacy:

Timetastic Privacy Mode Off

And with Privacy On:

Timetastic Privacy Mode On