Hello everyone, I’m James, and I’m the lead developer on Timetastic! That means I’m the person you can throw tomatoes at if things aren’t working as you like!

Things have been a little rocky in Timetastic beta-land this week! We’ve been rolling out releases in response to customer feedback faster than we know what to do with. So from now on, we’re slowing down a bit – every few days, there’ll be a new release, and we’ll write about it on the blog.

I’ll also make sure the last blog post has been updated with any issues we know about to try and keep everyone in the loop.

So, here goes for this release:

Changes since the last release

  • Major speed improvements – everything should be much faster now!
  • A new settings page: the add forms are hidden away until you want them, and then they nicely appear.
  • A staff member’s calendar now starts from the start month of your holiday year, as opposed to always starting from January.

Coming soon

  • A better “you’ve approved this holiday” page, and to work on mobiles too!
  • Better colours for pending holidays, as well as different colours for different holiday types.

Known issues

  • If you’ve got a holiday year start date set that’s not January, holidays aren’t being deducted from allowances properly. (This is high on the priority list to fix.)

As ever, if you’ve got any feedback, or find any issues, please get in touch on hello@timetastic.co.uk. We’re really pleased with how it’s shaping up – we hope you are too!