So, what's Timetastic all about?

When I started at Mediaburst I was put in charge of managing and recording staff leave, the system went a bit like this.

  • Staff member wants a day off so completes a holiday form
  • Staff member takes completed holiday form to manager
  • Manager signs form (when they get around to it of course, and assuming it doesn’t get buried under a pile of paper)
  • Manager passes the form to a Director to sign (again,when they get around to it)
  • Director passes it back to Manager
  • Manager passes it back to Staff Member
  • Staff Member passes it to Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Administrator photocopies it and passes one copy back to Staff Member
  • Payroll Administrator stores one copy
  • Payroll Administrator updates an excel spread sheet of holidays to record how many days each person has remaining.

What an unbelievable amount of messing around just to take a day off. But believe me, this is normal for small businesses.

Bigger companies have complex HR management systems, some develop their own in-house. But small businesses are left in the cold.

There must be a better way to manage staff leave, and there must be something for small businesses.

Well, we dug around the web. We found a handful of applications to help you manage this system. The problem we found is they’re all too complex, poor design is the norm, most are littered with unnecessary functionality, they aim toward helping you manage your entire HR department. None of them felt like they were for “us”, a small business.

We wanted something simple and well designed, no frills, quick to get running, easy to use, inexpensive.

We just want to request leave using an online form, and all the information be stored automatically. We don’t want to be filling in and passing paper forms around. We don’t want spreadsheets or a huge wall planner cluttered with sticky stars and different coloured dots.

And we want access any time, anywhere. I plan my holidays at home with my wife, why do I have to be in the office to book the time off?

That’s why we’re building Timetastic.

You’ll be able to rip up all the forms, manage everything from within your web browser. Authorisations done by email, everything recorded instantly. No more paper shuffling or losing forms under piles of paperwork.

Development has started and we expect to launch in late May.

In the meantime you can register to stay in the loop and get more information as and when it becomes available.