This one’s been a few weeks coming, but this morning we put live a new release of Timetastic with multiple bugfixes and some improvements!

Bugs fixed

  • You couldn’t cancel holidays using Safari on an iPad.
  • You couldn’t book holidays using Safari on an iPad.
  • Issues with bulk uploading users fixed, including better department handling: you can now only upload users into your own department if you’re a department boss
  • When you initially loaded the book time off form, the wrong holiday allowance showed
  • The wall chart header that showed the month name would sometimes be incorrect part way through a month
  • When viewing a user’s leave allowances on their edit page, some years would erroneously repeat
  • In some instances, you couldn’t book days off after a bank holiday
  • More improvements to half day handling on the wall chart, to fix edge cases where sometimes a full day would show as a half day
  • Incorrect deducting of leave allowances over the Christmas 2013 holidays
  • “Days remaining” leave allowance showing differently for some users on the wall chart and my calendar pages
  • If you deleted a user from the system, they could remain using the system until they logged out
  • If you deleted a user from the system, they could request a password reset (although could not login with the new password)


  • When you bulk upload a CSV/Excel file containing your users, you can now use drag and drop upload
  • 2014 bank holidays are now available for all existing users

As ever, if you have any questions about this release, you can get in touch with us by emailing