Introducing... Timetastic Pro!

For over 6 months we've been building a feature set for our more advanced users. It's for those managers who keep a close-eye on absence, IT leaders looking for more security, and HR managers wanting more reporting information.

Timetastic Pro is business class; you get SSO for additional security, powerful insights into your absence trends and the unique Burnout Board. It's also got a slick Microsoft Teams integration, more HR fields and more options with the email digests.

It's a big upgrade.

Here's a short rundown of the new Pro plan features

Absence Insights

If you want more visibility & greater depth, this is for you. Insights helps you identify absence trends and busy periods, it helps you plan better and make sure your team are taking regular time off throughout the year.

The Burnout Board

All new and unique to Timetastic.

The Burnout Board helps you keep a healthy and productive workforce. It's there to guide you, to shine a light on who might be overworking or in need of some R&R.

It'll help you spot situations you probably want to avoid:

  • Who's not taken much time off.
  • Who's got nothing arranged for the coming months.
  • Who's got loads of allowance left, as you approach year end.
  • Who's got long periods of time at work with no time off.

Single Sign on (SSO)

For the security minded.

Connect Timetastic through your business identity provider. We've covered the main providers with guides to help you get setup:

Azure AD, Okta, AuthO, OneLogin, Google Workspace

If your company uses SSO you'll know what this means for you.

Company Digests

We know you love the daily and weekly department summaries you get by email. Timetastic Pro ups the stakes. As well as your own department you can also receive them for the people you manage or your full organisation (subject to your user permissions of course).

HR Fields

We've had a good number of requests to store more personnel data in the user profiles. It makes sense, especially for disaster recovery, to be able to access emergency contact details from a web app or your phone.

Microsoft Teams

Tell you what, Microsoft certainly know how to make it hard to build integrations. Compared to Slack, Microsoft Teams is a monster to build for - but build we did!

The Microsoft Teams integration gives you a daily absence summary posted into a channel of your choice. You can also go the whole hog and deal with absence requests by direct messages rather than email.

In Summary

So there you have it, a whole raft of advanced features that we'll be continuing to build and improve on based on your feedback.