Quite a few changes bundled into the release today, some you will all notice immediately, others are more subtle.


This is the very obvious one. We've completely changed the location of the in-app notifications. Where you used to see a large bar down at the bottom of the screen carrying confirmations, warnings and errors, now you will notice a more discreet note in the top right hand corner.

As per below:

The sharp eyed of you will have noticed a small bell appear in the main menu. This ends a bug bear of many Admin users who suffered a constant large bar at the bottom of their screen informing them of pending leave requests.

The bell icon is visible to administration users and department bosses, and will let them know if they have leave requests that need dealing with.

You can see on the image below it tells you how many leave requests need dealing with and provides a link to that page.


This suggestion came in via one of our customers, John Slater of Naked Ideas. John suggested recording staff Birthdays and have them show on the calendar, which seemed perfectly sensible to us.

Et voila! You can now add dates of birth to user profiles, and you'll get a nice little cake on your birthday, like so..

Sometimes it's the small things that you can do with technology that make it so much fun :)

User Listing

Another big change for admin users and department bosses. When you visit 'Users' not only do you get a fresh new design in a simple table format, but now key edits such as changing departments or approvers, or actions such as resending welcome emails are now available on page.

You can also see your user count and identify your admin users much easier.

A big improvement for our heaviest users, I hope you agree.

We've also squashed a number of smaller bugs, tidied up some of the style elements, and made the app a smidgins faster.

Feel free to send us your feedback - positive or negative.