This months update brings some eagerly awaited functions, a big step forward for us.

1. Carry Forwards

This has been the most requested function over recent months, so it's great to be telling you about the new function to carry forward any unused leave to the next year - subject to your company policy obviously.

Admin users can configure annual carry forward by heading to:

Settings > General Settings

You can see from below, we've made it super easy for admin users to understand and configure. You just set the maximum number of days/ hours that can be carried forward into the next year in line with your company policy.

The rest is automatic, when your year end arrives the carry forward will happen and a summary sent to your admin users by email.

2. Photo Uploading

Since launch we've relied on Gravatar to pull through profile images. Although we'll continue to do so where a photo is present on Gravatar, we now also offer the ability to upload a photo directly.

You can access the photo uploader from My Details and clicking 'change photo' (apologies for my mugshot here).

3. Reformatted 'My Details' page

Some of you will also notice the new format for 'My Details' and 'User Edit' pages. The new tabbed format gives better structure to the data and in part a step toward improving the mobile experience.

So this update is yet another big step forward, if you have any questions or have any issues then let us know.