Timetastic Updates

The full Timetastic changelog is available here.

But here's a summary of items since April:

6th April

Partly driven by GDPR we now include more of the detailed information on each booking in the details modal:


It was a big release, we also included more data in the downloadable excel reports, improved mobile dialogue boxes, and a handful of speed, security and accessibility improvements.

20th April

T&C's were updated to reflect the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

27th April

A bug fix release, and improved some minor usability items on the mobile version.

3rd May

A big feature improvement here. All users can now easily see their outstanding requests and send a reminder to their boss for approval.


We have a detailed support article on this feature here

3rd May

Bug fixes on the signup form.

9th May

Some minor usability tweaks on the USERS page - mainly some tool tips to guide users and a row however so it's easier to scrutinise the information contained in the table.

11th May

More updates driven by GDPR work - this time including Sendgrid in our list of 3rd Party Apps - our own sub-processors.

3rd Party apps used by Timetastic

16th May

We had a few problem with password resets, some of the lesser used email clients were making a mess of the reset tokens - fixed.

Fixed a bug where profile photos weren't showing on the Pending Leave page.

Some minor usability improvements including guidance tooltips for new admin users.

17th May

Updated T&C's in regard to GDPR - to cover any special category data that may be caught from user input.

You can also now signup to receive a notification if we change sub-processors here

6th June

Given the recent Facebook data sharing allegations we looked at Timetastic and thought we could perhaps do better in this regard. You can now see what data will be shared with any of the integrations (Slack).


6th June

We made some security updates based on our latest internal vulnerability scan.

6th June

Fixed links in plan text emails and a few bugs fixed in relation to the Slack integration and changing approvers in the USERS screen.

A busy few months :)