Developers! Let us first say thanks, we've seen some of the tools, integrations and services you've made with the API and we had no idea it'd be so popular we'd have to implement rate limiting!

That said, we know there's always room for improvement and we've heard your calls for a better way to integrate with your other apps. So after design, iteration  and stress testing, we've got an amazing new feature to announce...

Timetastic now supports Webhooks, you can stop polling for updates now. 🙌

How it works

We'll let the API docs tell you the implementation details but if you head to SETTINGS > API you'll be able to add an endpoint and we'll fire webhooks at you for the following events:

  • AbsenceRequested
  • AbsenceApproved
  • AbsenceDeclined
  • AbsenceCancelled
  • AbsenceBooked

It just covers absences for now - there's a full explanation in the API docs about which circumstances in Timetastic trigger webhook events.  We've got the ability to add more events in the future but we're going to let it bed in and collect feedback before adding or changing anything.


There's a table on the API page which gives some detail on our retries and status of webhook calls to you.

If you want more detail and a way to automate your webhook monitoring there's a new API endpoint you can poll for updates to your Webhooks, so if for any reason there's an issue getting through to your servers you can find out what response is being returned to help diagnose the issue.

Can I still poll you for updates?

If you absolutely have to, then by all means carry on but we'd suggest moving to webhooks if you can, it'll mean you can update your systems quicker and without worrying about missing any events.

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash