We're Hiring

.net Developer

Things are going well in the world of managing absence. More companies than ever signing up, more companies taking advantage of a really simple concept and feeling the benefits.

But we're not one to be complacent, we've got a backlog of tweaks, features, design improvements, usability and hosting enhancements. Tech doesn't stand still and we're not so arrogant as to think our app is perfection, not quite anyway ;)

'Onwards and upwards' as they say!

We're looking for a .net web developer with around 4 years+ experience building web apps in the real world. Ideally you'll have experience with:

  • ASP.NET MVC and Web API
  • C# (the more recent versions a big advantage)
  • Hosting web apps in azure
  • Mobile app development (Cordova, native, all good)
  • SQL Server
  • Javascript (the language, not the latest noun-js framework)
  • ReactJS, and other UI frameworks
  • GulpJS, WebPack, or similar
  • A passion for the web, and for building modern web apps

We're a small team so you'll also be on the front line. Customer service is provided through a help center with ticketing (Zendesk). We all work on this, it's a great way to get close to customers and understand how they use Timetastic and the problems they face. Being on the front line, understanding their pain, answering their questions, helps us all build a better product.

We're all homeworkers at Timetastic, and you will be too. Ideally though, as we like to meet up in Manchester on a regular basis, a reasonable proximity to Manchester is important.

If this sounds like your thing then send us an message and introduce yourself.