Calendar Connections

Connect Timetastic up to your regular calendar and all your absence bookings will automatically feed in.

On desktop or mobile - your calendars will always be in-sync and bang up to date.

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Calendar sharing is wonderful, it shows us at a glance who is out of the office.

Garth Vladislavich
Garth Vladislavich
Evolve Technologies

I love how I can use it in conjunction with my phone calendar and see who else is off.

Mark Stringer
Mark Stringer
Outlook Calendar

Office 365 /

Link to Microsoft’s cloud based calendars for instant updates

Once you’re plugged into or Office 365 your personal bookings in Timetastic are pushed instantly into your calendar, lightning fast.

Google Calendar

Hook up to Google Calendar for split-second updates

Connecting to Google Calendar will get your personal Timetastic bookings pushed directly into your calendar, you’ll always be bang up to date.

Google Calendar
Calendar Subscriptions

Calendar Subscriptions

Subscribe to a full team or company calendar

Calendar feeds give you ultimate flexibility. So you can get full team or organisation absences into any calendar - Microsoft, Apple, Google - anything that can accept an iCal or Webcal feed.

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