Leave Types

Book, track, and record all the different types of absence from work.

Holidays, sickness, maternity, sabbaticals, or custom leave types that align with your company policies - it’s all covered in Timetastic.

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Annual Leave Sickness Maternity Leave

We track vacations, sickness, family days. It’s great to get visibility like this.

Darryl Adie
Darryl Adie

Best thing about Timetastic, I’m now always up to date without any effort.

Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Absence bookingDeductible and non-deductible leaveThis booking deducts from allowance

Holidays and Annual Leave

Set your annual leave allowance and start booking time off

Once you’ve set an annual entitlement you can book and track absences against it.

As you book time off, you have a full record and everything is kept bang up to date.

Custom Leave Types

Keep track of any type of absence you need

Create custom reasons for absence - as many as you need. All will be visible on the employees calendar and summary, you can download to excel and report on the different reasons for absence.

  • Annual Leave
  • Sickness
  • Maternity/Paternity
  • Sabbatical
  • Doctors Appointment
  • Seasonal Shutdown
  • Compassionate
  • Away Day
  • Training
Public holidays from 250 countries

Public Holidays

Public and national holidays all catered for

Public holidays from over 250 countries and 3,000+ regions around the world.

You’re pretty well covered in Timetastic :)

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