Email Reports

Stay informed with daily or weekly absence reports.

Every morning, straight into your inbox you’ll get an email telling you who’s off that day.

Or a week ahead email, so there’s no nasty suprises.

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Annual Leave Training Sabbatical

With the team working remotely, the email reporting has been extremely useful.

Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown

The daily email is a saviour, I don’t need to keep checking calendars to know what’s going on.

Lee Bolam
Lee Bolam
Extract Coffee
Week ahead email report

Your Week Ahead

Want to know who’s off work this week?

At the start of each week Timetastic will send you a summary of who’s off this week. Set the day and time that works best for you.

Today’s Absences

If someone’s off today - you’ll be told

No more asking around wondering why someone’s not at work. If someone in your department is off today, Timetastic will tell you, first thing in the morning.

Taday's absence email report
Birthday reminder email

Birthday Bonus

Happy Birthdays!

If you manage a team, a little help goes a long way. Timetastic will send you a nice reminder a few days before someone’s birthday.

In case you need to get them a card or cake.

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