Making a success of life and work.

What is work life balance?

Work life balance is a funny old concept. It gives the impression of two competing aspects to our lives, two aspects that can't naturally work hand in hand, that are fighting against each other, and we have to somehow appease them, to get them balanced out like a set of kitchen scales.

But to what end? What happens when the scales are balanced, ultimate success and happiness? What happens if they are tipped one way or the other - failure?

Back in 2009 David Seders wrote an article in The New Yorker and introduced the Four Burners Theory. I think it's a better way to wrap your head around work life balance.

The theory goes like this:

Imagine your life as a four burner stove, each burner symbolising a quadrant of your life

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Health
4. Work

And to be successful you have to turn off one burner.

And to be really successful you have to turn off two burners.

Which would you choose? Would you want to turn off any? Maybe you can turn them down just a little, work with the constraints.

It's a nice way to visualise if one quadrant of your life is suffering at the expense of the other quadrants. Sometimes the quadrant suffering is something you're content with, other times you might want to redress the balance, turn down one burner and switch the other back up.

For me I don't want to turn off any particular burner, but I can definitely think of times where my focus on work and family have been to the detriment of my health (not doing any exercise, putting on weight), and times where work has suffered through a focus on family and health.

It also helps visualise what's important to us, and how that importance shifts over time, through the seasons, and as we age.

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