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Get a daily update of absences in Slack, you can even move the entire holiday approval process away from email and into Slack.

If you love Slack, then dealing with absence requests in your direct messages is a big win.

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The daily post in Slack means I always know who’s not working that day, brilliant!

Guy Armitage
Guy Armitage

It’s just seamless - we don’t have to switch between tools and break concentration.

Sue Keogh
Sue Keogh
Daily summary in Slack

Daily Summary

Be in-the-know with a daily summary of who’s absent today

Every morning a quick update to confirm who’s off work today. No need to check your calendars or ask around the office. A nice touch of clarity to start the day.

Absence Requests

Approve or decline requests in Slack

When someone requests time off you’ll be notified instantly in Slack. All it takes is a single click to Approve or Decline. So much better than paperwork.

Absence requests in Slack
Installing Slack

Installing Slack

It couldn’t be simpler

  1. Start a Timetastic account
  3. Click “Add to Slack”

If you’re ready, give it a try now

If you’re still wondering about something in Timetastic, or need to see how something works. Just shout, we’re here to help.

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